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The Registry is a set of data that Windows uses to gather information about system configuration, apps, and hardware devices. The Windows Registry has a very important role in the PC, but it is also at risk of attacks from installing malware or viruses, which can reduce the performance of the device, or even stop working. We are providing all kind of Windows Support services in Dubai.

If you encounter this kind of problem, you will be able to restore your Windows system, restore it to an earlier optimal state, or use a special program such as CCleaner to find and correct errors.

The Windows Support Services | Restore Windows 7 Registry

windows-supportTo correct the registry by restarting the system, click the Start menu, Control Panel. Then enter System Restore and select a restore point. If your device has enabled the System Restore feature, Windows will show the most recent recovery point; otherwise you will need to check the box next to Show more recovery points to show all points, including older ones.

At each point you will see the creation date and a description of the reason for which it was created. You can click the Search for relevant programs buttonto show all the programs and drivers that will be deleted from your device. Then click next and finally Finish to confirm the start of the recovery process, which may take a few minutes. At this time, the PC will restart.

Note: System Restore will not delete your personal files.

Clean the Windows 7 registry

After you have downloaded and installed CCleaner, start it and from its interface, click the Registry icon. Under Registry Cleaner, check all boxes to ensure that CCleaner holds all the errors, and then click Search Problems. The errors I found in the registry will appear in the program interface, click Repair Selected, and create a backup of the registry, if required by the same program. Then click Repair All and once CCleaner has corrected the errors found, click Close. Restart your PC for changes to take effect.

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