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If you have Problems with your Laptops, Netbooks, or Toshiba PCs? Just Call on 0557503724 for TOSHIBA Laptop Repair Services in Dubai. We are providing best services by our skilled and certified technician.

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Technical Service of Toshiba Laptop Repair Services in Dubai: –

  • Replacement and Repair of Base Board of Laptops and Desserts.
  • Hard Disk Replacement, and Repair Damaged Sectors and Tracks.
  • Replace Notebook Display (any measurement, brightness or matte).
  • Reballing of the graphics chip and / or graphics card change.
  • Internal Cleaning Computers: Maintenance Ventilation and Refrigeration System.
  • Change Load Connector (Power Plug Replacement).
  • Reinstallation Operating System and installation of Drivers and Updates.
  • If the image is seen in the background: Inverter change.
  • Replacement Laptop Keyboard and increase DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 RAM.
  • Elimination of heating, noise and virus problems.
  • Data Recovery Service. We save your images, documents, …

Toshiba repairAt UAE Technician TOSHIBA laptop repair service, we offer a customized service, to solve all kinds of problems that have their computers, laptops, netbooks, PC’s, etc …

We have extensive experience in repairing all models of the Toshiba range of equipment: Portege, Satellite, Smartbook, Tecra, etc …

Our Technical Service has its own facilities, with an electronic laboratory equipped technologically to be able to repair their computers in the shortest possible time. In addition, we have a large stock of parts *, in our warehouse, which allows us to quickly service repairs of your equipment.

  • Warranty on all our repairs.
  • FREE quote, no commitment.
  • FREE Pick up service throughout the Dubai. *
  • Fast response times: Immediate, 24h, 48h, … “according to stock of parts”.
  • We resolve your doubts with our Telephone Support 055 750 3724.
  • All the New and Original Pieces in our interventions.

Free pick up for repairs. If not, consult cost per trip.




The permanent stock of parts refers to spare parts common to all models of computers.

For specific parts of a particular model, UAE Technician has a large but not total stock.

Consult concrete term.