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The experience and professionalism of our computer personnel team, has allowed us to fix all kinds of breakdowns in the different models of laptops on the market. In our workshop we work with laptops, computers, smartphone, etc… as sophisticated as those of the Sony Vaio company, we offer a professional Sony repair service.

We have a very complete Sony Vaio repair service, in which we adopt measures to prevent electrical breakdown by offering, in our physical store in Dubai, a large stock of adapters, original and compatible Sony Vaio chargers. We believe that a good Sony Vaio repair service should take care of all aspects of Sony Vaio laptops.

Sony repairWe offers all part repair services for Sony Vaio services in Dubai, UAE

Having in our UAE Technician workshop with the best professionals in architecture Sony Vaio, helps us to offer the best Sony Vaio repair service possible.

Once the relevant disassembly of the Sony Vaio device is performed, the first task of our Sony Vaio repair service is the development of an in-depth analysis of the surface of the motherboard. In this element and its integrated are covered most of the technical problems of laptops.

We thoroughly study every corner of the Sony Vaio motherboard, we know in depth the entire complex map of these devices integrated, ensuring an effective Sony Vaio repair service.

It is very important not to leave in the air the main components assembled on the motherboard of the Sony Vaio notebooks; the CPU is thoroughly scrutinized as well as the integrated elements related to it, in this way we guarantee the prefect functioning of this device.

It is worth mentioning the KBC component of the Sony Vaio notebooks, an indispensable element for the good running of the equipment, sometimes its bad state is the origin of many of the classic breakdowns. Our ability to diagnose these details makes us a great Sony Vaio repair service.

Reballing Laptops, notebook Sony Vaio

Probably if we had to highlight a task from our Sony Vaio repair service, it would be the Reballing. This work consists in cleaning and eliminating the old welds of some components and integrated. They are then replaced with new and better quality material, all assembled on the motherboard with professionalism and safety.

The Reballing of the South Bridge is one of our typical tasks of our Sony Vaio repair service, we guarantee the perfect manipulation of the components and the perfect final operation of them.