From we are going to show you a simple but very effective tool to be able to orient ourselves without problem through the forest without fear of getting lost. The tool is called Oruxmaps and you have a full report of its use in this post. Topographic maps for android mobile . (It is only necessary that you do Step 1).

Once arrived at this point, we should have installed the application on our mobile. Now it’s time to put a map to our GPS orientation application.

Oruxmaps itself offers us on-line maps, that is, we can navigate the map without having to download or install anything, simply consulting them in real time.


Compass: Apart from generating a continuous consumption of 3G data we have an added problem. When we leave the 3G coverage area we will remain blind, since by not having internet in the mobile, the application will be unable to tell us at what exact point we are in each moment.

For this reason what we will do is download on our mobile the cut of the map that we are going to use in our excursion and use it in off-line mode so that we do not need internet when it comes to knowing the exact position where we are.

Steps to follow to download the ign topographic map to our oruxmaps for free.

  • If possible we connect the mobile to a Wi-Fi connection so as not to spend 3G data.
  • We open the Oruxmaps Application.
  • We select the Map icon – Map – and click on “Open map”.
  • We have two options “Online” and “Offline”. We give Online.
  • Step 1 – Inside Online we select (ES) maps of Spain
  • Step 2 – Inside (ES) we select “Map Raster IGN (ES)
  • Once selected, it will load in the viewer the type of map and we will see the topographic map of the IGN
  • Now we must center the map taking the whole route we want to do. That is to say if we load a track of the route that we want to realize we will have to dentrate the route in the center and leaving a space of 1 centimeter to see all the whole route.
  • As a picture is worth a thousand words … this is what I mean.

As you can see, I have zoomed the route until it has been centered on the phone and has a margin of at least 1 centimeter to the right and left (Figure 4).

Now we are going to create a new map, but we will create it only from the area that we are going to make the route.

To do this, click on  Map and select the option “Map Creator”.

Now we must select the area of ​​the map to be created. To do this you have to do 2 clicks on the map. The first in the upper left area of ​​the area to catch . And the second in the lower right area of ​​the area to catch . This will create a selected gray area and that will be the area of ​​the new map.

If we make a mistake, we can press the screen again until we have a well-defined area.

Once we have the area well defined we give OK, which is the blue and white V.

On this screen that we IGN topographic map for freehave to give a name to the map

As you can see there are numbers from 01 to 18. These are the zoom levels used by the maps, that is, the layers of an onion in which each one contains a different zoom.

The largest numbers are the ones with the most zoom, that is, layer 18 offers the most zoom, with the consequent increase in disk space.

Normally all are selected. As we select, we will see how much the map will occupy us.

Once we have marked all the numbers and we have given a name to our map we give to Download.

We wait for you to download everything.

Depending on the size of the map and the number of layers we have selected, the process will take more or less time. It is advisable to do this process through Wifi connection, otherwise we will eat the data rate quickly.

Once it tells us that it has been IGN topographic map for freeloaded correctly, we close this screen.

Now we can use this map without internet connection in the mobile.

To check, go to  Map and select “Open map”

We go to the section “offline” and … there is no map .. Do not worry, you just have to reconstruct the map index, to do so, click on the icon  refresh and with this the new map created will appear.

If you remove the mobile data you will check that we can use this offline map. With the consequent benefit and savings of mobile data.

I personally use this solution when I travel to a country I do not know so I have an off-line map of the entire city and I always know where I am and where I am going .

From we are going to show you a simple but very effective tool to be able to orient ourselves without problem through the forest without fear of getting lost.