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UAE Technician is the UAE leader in Server Data Recovery services from any type of server, regardless of the RAID configuration.

In general, servers store and manage critical business data in an organization. So even a few minutes of downtime can cause heavy financial losses.

With an in-house R & D department, indigenous server recovery technology, Certified clean rooms and experienced professionals, UAE Technician ensures fast and secure data recovery from servers, file servers, application servers, web servers, or any domain controller. This is why most manufacturers and service providers recommend UAE Technician’s data recovery services to their customers.

Server data recovery services for Data loss on a server:

Some of the most common circumstances of data loss on servers are:

  • Simultaneous Failure of Multiple Disks
  • RAID Controller Failure
  • Failure of one or more intermittent disk (s) leading to RAID configuration corruption
  • Lost server registry configuration
  • Inadvertent Reconfiguration of RAID Disks
  • Accidental deletion of data when backing up
  • Corruption of the operating system / file system
  • Natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc.

In RAID servers, data is distributed across multiple disks according to a specific pattern that is unique to the RAID configuration (Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, Raid 10, Raid 50, etc.), and therefore the recovery of data is a truly complex task to perform. With RAID Level 5 or higher, if you lose a disk, you can easily rebuild the disk and restore the data only by replacing the damaged disk with a new one. However, when you lose two or more disks at the same time, the situation gets worse so that if you make a single mistake, all of your data can be lost forever.

UAE Technician specializes in providing unparalleled Server Data recovery services

With a team of experienced R & D engineers and years of research, UAE Technician has innovated in terms of advanced server-based data recovery techniques to recover your critical business data from any potential physical or logical server failures. UAE Technician data recovery experts can retrieve data from almost any server such as the Exchange server, SharePoint server, Unix server, LINUX server, Windows server, Macintosh server, Sun Solaris servers, server Novell, the e-mail server, or other database servers.

  • UAE Technician follows a systematic approach to server recovery to ensure the maximum possible recovery of your critical business data in a minimum amount of time. At the same time, Stellar adheres strictly to its principles of confidentiality and data security. Read our privacy policy
  • UAE Technician Server Recovery professionals collect detailed information about the circumstances of data loss, your recovery attempts, and your server’s RAID configuration to design the best diagnostics and recovery approach possible.
  • Expert Consultation: Before initiating the data recovery procedure, UAE Technician’s server data recovery experts analyze the server failure and the steps you have taken in a hurry to follow the correct approach for a diagnosis fast and effective.

Diagnosis: To ensure maximum recovery of data, we perform clones of all drives attached to the server on a sector-by-sector basis to avoid more damage to recoverable data and to maintain internal data consistency. If the disks are physically damaged, we repair them in clean rooms certified to make them readable for cloning. Then, depending on the configuration of the RAID inside the server, we design the most appropriate data recovery approach.

Data Recovery: We analyze the clone of the original discs to understand the movement of data and tapes with parity so that the Server data recoveryrequired custom software tools can be developed, so that they can simulate hardware RAID, the controller’s algorithm for a final and consistent recovery of data.

At UAE Technician, all data retrieval cases are always processed by experienced professionals accompanied by software / hardware engineers from our in-house Research & Development department. We really understand the business loss due to server downtime, so with our efficient data recovery process on server, we ensure the fastest and most secure maximum recovery of your lost business data

UAE Technician is really concerned about the safe retrieval of your data, and ensures that the tools and techniques used to retrieve server data are 100% safe.

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