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The Asus laptop screen replacement of a Dubai customer, UAE Technician, has come to our laboratory in Dubai (UAE). The customer was very disgruntled because, as a result of wreckage falling with an adjacent sliding for almost a stairway, his display was completely damaged.

We see beautiful ones in the lab, so for us this case was certainly not an exception!

Although it was poorly presented, the customer was almost convinced that he would have to buy a new notebook, so we were looking for a confirmation that he never arrived for his happiness!

Within 2 days and at a low cost , we have replaced the LCD display thanks to our large inventory that offers a wide range of components from all major motherboards and saves valuable time that translates into Costs to customers , especially when the machine that comes to us is the one used to work.

UAE Technician have more than 10 year experiences in the Asus laptop screen replacement: –

Repairing is always a substitute, and our more than 10 year experiance has allowed us to quickly evaluate the feasibility of repair Asus-laptop-screen-repairby replacing the display,  especially in cases like this, in the presence of a very efficient car in performance and just under two years of life .

Returning to our Asus Notebook Replacement Work, the breaks present were clearly visible: cracks on the display, fluctuating liquid, and inverter (component that provides backlight electricity) to be replaced.

All this happened with the disassembling of the damaged display that has been expected to remove the battery and display stand and disconnect the video cable and the inverter.

The installation of the new Asus LCD display has been followed by various tests that test color intensity and intensive use of the computer’s internal lamps to test and ensure its operation.

The result is a new brand-new display with impeccable and flamboyant brightness!

In any case, if the screen of your notebook has anomalies, it is not always necessary to replace it, in some cases it can be repaired …  If instead, as in this case, has been violently damaged and is crammed, no fear can be replace!

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